NII LASER TECHNOLOGY PJSC is one of the major manufacturers on the Ukrainian printing market, as well as the market for laser technology and laser equipment. Qualified staff, up-to-date production facilities and introduction of modern technologies contribute to higher quality products which you can find on our website. NII LASER TECNOLOGY laser equipment has been successfully operated at the number of domestic and foreign enterprises.

Our specialities are:

  • Production of tampon printing clichés;
  • Distribution of photopolymer plates and washout solvents;
  • Equipment for manufacturing of photopolymer printing plates, rotary screens;
  • Rotary screens production;
  • Ceramic rolls production (anilox rollers);
  • Laser marking and engraving equipment;
  • Laser marking, engraving, cutting services;
  • Lasers, laser markers;
  • Laser equipment for marking of bearings, closures, crown caps, and other products.

Leaders of the printing industry and specialists in laser technologies.