Caps feeder and sorter – Gravity sorter (GS)


Gravity Sorter (GS) is designed for feeding and sorting of 28-38mm plastic caps. Universal belt does not need any readjustments to run caps of different diameter. Only few parts need to be readjusted to work with closures of different diameter and height. All stainless steel design allows to avoid unwanted static current. Robust design is backed up by convenient and reliable operation.

Feeding unit can be equipped with hopper according to customer requirements.

Gravity sorter for caps can be used with various equipment including video inspection, printing machines, laser systems, closure counters and others.

Feeding unit can be optionally equipped with flow splitter or device to divide closures on the belt.

Parameter Value
Closures diameter 28 - 38 mm
Throughput up to 140 000 pcs per hour*
Hopper volume 0.5 m3
Power requirements 3 x 380V 50/60 Hz, 5 wires
 Connected load  2.5 kW
Dimensions, W x H x D, mm  2535 x 2920 x 2700
Approximate weight  800 kg
* Throughput depends on closure type

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