Dynamic Laser Marker BC Pro-N – Plastic caps additive-free laser marking system


Plastic cap laser marking system

DLM-BC and DLM-CR (Dynamic Laser Marker) series of laser equipment is designed for precise laser marking on the inside or outside surface of the beverage closures of all kinds, including plastic caps, metal closures, synthetic wine corks and crowns. DLM-BC Pro-N CapSketcher™ is designed for additive-free laser marking on plastic caps and beverage closures. Fully automated feeding and discharging units allow very simple integration of DLM-BC Pro-N into existing production line. With the new special type of UV laser source there is no need to use expensive laser additive in the closures material. This feature allows greatly reduce costs of marking, which gives a good advantage comparing to fiber laser technology.

Plastic caps are transported on the conveyor belt to the marking area where marking process occurs ‘on-the-fly’. Software allows to mark logos, text, QR codes and numbers with randomizing option or numbers increment(decrement) as vector or rasterized graphics. The system can also work with codes database.

Laser marking is a flexible technology that allows you quickly change the job properties and mark unique image or text on every product.

Application fit

  •   Plastic beverage closures of all kinds.
  •   This technology proved a great success in promotional activities, counterfeit protection, and decoration technique for beverage products amongst others.


  •   Dark on light material or light on dark material.
  •   Use of UV laser allows achieving high contrast and perfectly readable white-color marking on red, green, dark-blue closures as well as other colors.
  •   Additive-free laser marking on most colors of closures.
  •   High-contrast marking.
  •   No consumables.
  •   Maintenance-free technology.
Parameter Value
Beverage closures material Polyethylene, polypropylene
Closures diameter 28 - 38 mm
Marking color Dark, light
Throughput (10 x 2mm symbols)* up to 90 000 parts per hour
 Quantity of randomly marked files 15
 Power requirements 3 x 380V 50 Hz
 Connected load  6 kW
 Dimensions, W x H x D, мм  650 x 2000 x 1600
Approximate weight  420 kg
* Throughput depends on closure color




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