DLM-BE Pro – Laser marking of bearings ‘on-the-fly’


Dynamic Laser Marker BE Pro (DLM-BE Pro) is designed for precise laser marking on the side surface of bearings in a production environment.

DLM-BE Pro consists of two independent stands:

  •   Marking stand
  •   Control stand

DLM-BE Pro is equipped with a pulsed fiber laser which allows to get high-precision markings at high speeds. The received marking features high wear resistance. The focused beam with certain output and timing characteristics interacts with the material of a bearing. High-contrast marks occur on a bearing surface as a result of laser interaction.

  • Bearing marking is performed in accordance with a preliminary prepared text file. The system comes with options of marking text, graphics images, serial numbers, alphanumeric characters, global fonts, barcodes, etc.
  • Control stand provides required temperature conditions and the degree of air tightness of IP64 that are essential for work of electronic equipment in industrial production.


  •   Clean and permanent marking on the bearing;
  •   High resolution marking;
  •   Versatility;
  •   Marking on any hard metal;
  •   No marking tools or toner;
  •   No consumables;
  •   Low running costs
Material All grades of steel
Bearing ring diameter 15-150 mm
Bearing ring height 10-50 mm
Height of the font to be marked up to 3 mm
Average marking productivity (pieces/hour):
For diameters of 150-100 mm
For diameters of 100-60 mm
For diameters of 60-15 mm

Operating wavelength, µm 1.062
Average output, W 20
Pulse energy, mJ 1.0
DLM-BE Pro Software Licensed version of Weld MARK 2.0 Premium License
DLM-BE Pro power supply Three-phase five-wire AC voltage of 380 V, 50 Hz.
Maximum power consumption, kW up to 3,5
Compressed air consumption, m3/hour 1,5
Dimensions of DLM-BE Pro: WxHxL in mm
Marking stand
Control stand

1220 х 1980 х 830
950 х 1830 х 755
Weight of DLM-BE Pro, kg
Marking stand
Control stand
up to 190
up to 170