DLM-xx Flex-N – Laser marking ‘on-the-fly’ with UV laser


Closures laser marking system

DLM-BC and DLM-CR (Dynamic Laser Marker) series of laser equipment is designed for precise laser marking on the inside or outside surface of the beverage closures of all kinds, including plastic caps, metal closures, synthetic wine corks and crowns. 

DLM-xx Flex-N high-speed laser marking system is designed for precision additive-free laser marking of text data and graphics (like images, text, QR codes, bar codes and promo codes amongst others) on the inside or outside surface of various workpieces designed for easy integration into the existing production line. They are specifically developed for your marking tasks to be done quick and easy. Perfect contrast and completely readable marking result without using expensive laser additive in the closures material (or other work-pieces) allows to reduce costs of marking while still getting excellent contrast and quality.

Application fit

  •   beverage closures of all kinds: including plastic closures, metal closures, synthetic wine corks and crowns;
  •   other work-pieces: plastics, metals and alloys, metal surfaces (coated or painted), adhesive film, etc.

This technology proved a great success in promotional activities, counterfeit protection, and decoration technique for beverage products amongst others.


  •   Laser beam with special characteristics interacts with material and laser marking occurs.
  • Additive-free technology on most colors of plastics.
  •   Very simple integration into a production line.
  •   High-contrast marking.
  •   No consumables.
  •   Maintenance-free technology.

DLM-xx Flex-N systems were developed to operate in the industrial production conditions.