Services of laser marking, engraving and cutting

NII Laser Technology PJSC introduces modern technologies of laser engraving. Laser treatment provides an opportunity to produce a spectacular high-quality advertising products and souvenir products as well as precise high-quality products for different applications. Our company specializes in laser engraving, marking and cutting of different materials, such as plastic, glass, wood, rubber, metal, leather, etc. For this purpose we use our up-to-date processing equipment based on CO2, Fiber and YAG lasers.

Some of the applications include:

  • Logo image marking of souvenir items: pens, badges, key holders, lighters, ashtrays, glasses, business card holders, memorable certificates, diplomas, gift sets, outdoor designs.
  • Laser engraving and perforation of all kind of materials.
  • Laser cutting of such materials as: plastic, wood, metal.

Souvenir products created by us:

  • help to emphasize the corporate identity;
  • will be a spectacular addition to the interior of your office or exhibition, highlighting the business style and respectability;
  • will expand the range of services offered to your customers;
  • in deluxe version will leave the most pleasant memories on your colleagues, partners and guests.

We can also offer you materials for laser treatment. With our help you can easily implement any design ideas. Your creativity and our experience would help achieve the best results.

Laser removal of the paint layer (laser ablation)

Laser cutting and engraving on plastic and wooden products

Laser cutting and engraving of plywood and wood


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