Laser technologies

NII Laser technology specialises in design, manufacture and development of the laser equipment for the vast number of applications. Some of the main laser applications include:

  •   Mechanical engineering
  •   Automotive
  •   Packaging industry
  •   Electronic industry
  •   Medical device
  •   Jewelry
  •   Tobacco industry
  •   Glass industry

Laser technologies are used when a high definition with the high output capacity is required:

  •  Laser engraving
  •  Laser marking
  •  Laser cutting
  •  Laser perforation etc.

Depending on the application different type of lasers could be used which include solid state lasers, semi-conductor lasers, fiber lasers and CO2 lasers. The use of laser technologies allows increase productivity and efficiency. NII Laser Technology offers design, development and integration of a custom industrial laser systems for your specific needs. We would maintain an efficient integration of laser system into your production line. Our engineers would find an optimal solution for your goals. We are always looking for an individual approach to every customer and trying to reach the desired result.

The equipment that we manufactured currently operates at the local and foreign facilities. Some of the models are at the stage of design and development. We use the cutting-edge technologies and parts from the world leading manufacturers in the production process. Backed up with the many years experience of design, operation and integration of the laser systems we would satisfy the highest demands and would be happy to help integrate laser technologies into your production facility.