nyloflex® Flint Group printing plates for all flexographic applications

nyloflex® printing plates for all flexographic applications

nyloflex® printing plates - to meet every challenge. To further enhance the quality standards achievable in flexography we regularly develop new improved recipes of photopolymer plates to meet the latest market developments, such as new printing substrates and higher printing speeds.

These developments are made in close cooperation with our customers, based on their experience and requirements. With these continuous technological developments we can give you a competitive edge in the market.

Flexible Packaging and Labels

Whether printing on film, foil, coated paper or self adhesive substrates, the nyloflex® printing plates provide the highest, most consistent quality: fine screens and vignettes and smooth solids on all commonly used substrates.

nyloflex® FTF Digital
The Easy Way to Flat Top Dots and surface screening
  • Revolutionary plate technology for flexible packaging & labels
  • Inherently flat top – no additional equipment, processing steps or consumables required
  • Texturised surface – high ink density and even ink laydown in solids without the need for surface screening
  • Excellent print resolution – reproduction of finest elements, subtle highlights and smooth vignettes

Flexible Packaging

nyloflex® NEF
Enhanced performance in combination with the nyloflex® NExT exposure technology
  • Designed for the nyloflex® NExT exposure technology – for flexible packaging and labels
  • Significantly improved ink laydown, high solid ink densities and precise reproduction of the finest highlight details
  • Texturised surface – high ink density and even ink laydown in solids without the need for surface screening
  • Also suitable for regular tube exposure with improved results

Flexible Packaging
Corrugated Preprint

nyloflex® ACE
Sets the standard in high quality flexo printing
  • Specialised for printing of fl exible packaging
  • High print quality combined with excellent effi ciency
  • Advanced cleaning behaviour – fewer press stops
  • High solvent resistance – perfect for solvent based inks
  • Extreme durability – for long print runs
  • Suitable for FTD technologies, i.e. nyloflex® NExT

Flexible Packaging
Corrugated Preprint

 D    A 
nyloflex® ACE UP
Highest print performance with water based inks
  • For printing of corrugated preprint and liquid/aseptic packaging, also for label printing
  • Best print quality and very good ink transfer, especially on paper substrates
  • Reduced surface tack for less attraction of paper dust and dirt and stacking without interleaves

Corrugated Preprint

nyloflex® FAH
Established for use with UV inks
  • For high resolution printing of labels, flexible packaging and folding cartons
  • Fine vignettes and optimum ink coverage in solid areas
  • Reverse elements remain open
  • Excellent resistance against UV inks, also for solvent and water based inks

Flexible Packaging

 D    A 
nyloflex® ACT
Excellence in combination printing
  • Optimised for printing designs that combine halftones and solids in one plate
  • For absorbent and non-absorbent substrates
  • High solid density and minimum dot gain in halftones
  • Wide exposure latitude and good relief depths
  • Suitable for water and solvent based inks, conditionally suitable for UV inks*

Flexible Packaging
Corrugated Preprint

 D    A 
nyloflex® FAR
Versatile and established all-round plate for all substrates
  • For all absorbent and non- absorbent substrates commonly used today
  • For standard applications, printing of basic screens, solids and line work
  • Resistant against solvent based inks, also for water based inks, conditionally suitable for UV inks*
  • Economic due to long lifetime and durability

Flexible Packaging
Corrugated Preprint

* Suitability with UV inks is dependant on the ink type and temperature – these factors could affect the performance of the plate and consistency of the print.
nyloflex® ART
Ideal for printing on fibre based packaging
  • For high resolution printing of labels, flexible packaging and folding cartons
  • Preprint on kraft, test and uncoated liners
  • High solid density and defi ned line work on all paper substrates; good reproduction of highlight dots
  • Excellent and consistent ink transfer, especially with water based inks

Flexible Packaging
Corrugated Preprint
Corrugated Postprint

 D    A 

Corrugated Plates

With a range of hardness properties, the nyloflex® printing plates for corrugated postprint meet the specific needs of printing on corrugated board, providing excellent ink transfer on various liners and flutes

nyloflex® FHC
Hard Plate for Standard Applications in Postprint
  • Suitable for a broad range of substrates
  • Very good ink transfer and area coverage
  • Good intermediate depths with best contour definition
  • Robust and durable material for long run life and high print run stability
  • Convenient plate processing

Corrugated - Postprint
nyloflex® FAC
Just brilliant - High performance in postprint
  • For use on all types of corrugated substrates – from rough and uneven surfaces to smooth, paper substrates
  • Outstanding with challenging and multi-colour designs
  • Very good ink transfer with excellent area coverage and high solid ink density
  • Perfect adaption to corrugated board surfaces

Corrugated Postprint
 D    A 
nyloflex® FCC
The durable standard in postprint
  • Especially for printing on coarse corrugated fluted board, with uncoated and half-coated papers
  • Ideal for retail packages with simple designs
  • Very good ink transfer with good area coverage and solid density
  • Extremely robust and durable material

Corrugated Postprint
nyloflex® FSC
Soft plate for postprint – unique hardness in the solid segment
  • High print quality due to low plate hardness and digital processing
  • Designed for transit packaging
  • Very good ink transfer, excellent solids coverage, particularly on low cost liners
  • Cost efficient and reliable, easy handling
  • Long run life and superior durability

Corrugated Postprint

Coating Plates for Print Finishing

The nyloflex® coating plate range comprising foil based and aluminium based flexo plates have been especially developed for inline and offline print finishing – for eye-catching print results.

nyloflex® Gold A
Unique coating plate on aluminium base
  • High resolution printing for solid and spot coating
  • Wide application range: solid, line and screen designs
  • High register accuracy due to high dimensional stability of the aluminium base, even during repeated print runs
  • Wide exposure latitude ensures good intermediate depths
  • For dispersion and UV varnishes; good results with metal pigment and pearlescent inks

 D    A 
nyloflex® Seal F
Film based coating plate with excellent dimension stability
  • For inline finishing in sheetfed offset presses with flexo coating units and for offline finishing in coating presses
  • For spot and full surface coating on coated papers and board
  • High resolution and print contrast
  • High stability even with UV varnishes and inks
  • Excellent dimensional stability due to thick polyester film

 D    A 

Plates for Special Applications

Whether for highly aggressive inks or water washable processing with simple tap water – the nyloflex® range comprises flexo plates for special applications.

nyloflex® Sprint
The gentle approach – washable with tap water
  • Water-washable flexo plate, high resistance against UV inks
  • Washable with tap water – no auxiliaries needed
  • For high quality labels and flexible packaging printing
  • Fast plate making process, complete within 30 minutes

Water Washable
 D    A 
nyloflex® FE
The specialist in white preprinting – developed for solid area printing
  • High resistance against esters, ketones and alcohols, allows the use of solvent based 2-component inks for white preprinting; for solid area printing
  • Long run life with UV inks
  • High print run stability with good area coverage
  • No register problems with rubber plate

White Preprint
 D    A