nylosolv® Washout solvent

Fast and efficient washout solvent for safe processing of photopolymer printing plates

nylosolv A

  • Washout chemistry for flexo plate making
  • For solvent processing of high quality analogue and digital photopolymer printing plates
  • Optimised formulation with a three component mixture of hydrocarbons and alcohol
  • Easy distillation with minimal loss of components
  • Low odour for comfortable work
  • Choose one of the different nylosolv® types for your requirements:
    nylosolv® A
    nylosolv® II
    nylosolv® R

Do you want to know more?
Which plate thicknesses are available? How long do I expose the plate? What equipment and solvent can I use? Which notch for my sleeve or adapter shall I choose?

For that and more, have a look at the respective product leaflet: Visit our Download-Area or contact us directly.