Rotary screens

In 2004 NII LASER TECHNOLOGY PJSC has expanded the product range and arranged production of seamless flexographic plates and rotary screens. It bercame possible due to the purchase and commissioning of an up-to-date laser complex MORPHEUS 6212 produced by Stork, as well as the whole range of auxiliary equipment.

Our company produces both rotary screens for printing textiles, wallpapers, linoleum and labels on narrow-web printing machines through the method of direct laser engraving, using screens and consumables produced by Stork and other leading European manufacturers.

Characteristics of "MORPHEUS" laser complex ("Stork", Austria):

  1. Laser source - Co2 laser;
  2. Maximum resolution - 2540 dpi;
  3. Maximum screen ruling - 60 lines per cm (152 lines/inch);
  4. Maximum image size - 2100 x 1200 mm;
  5. Maximum shaft diameter - 380 mm;
  6. Minimum shaft diameter -62 mm;
  7. Minimum stand-alone point-20 µm;
  8. Dot shape - optional;
  9. Special software, Best Image Engraving, including RIP, intended for file editing - repeat preparation and color separation, is focused on textile and wallpapers.

The process of screens production consists of the following consecutive stages:

  • Screens unpacking;
  • Rounding off;
  • Degreasing;
  • Application of coating;
  • Drying;
  • Polymerisation;
  • Laser engraving;
  • Gluing the edge rings;
  • Quality control, retouching.

The advantages of using laser technology in the manufacturing of rotary screens:

  1. Excellent quality.
    Advanced laser control system and accurate beam focusing contribute to sharper contours of engraving and surprisingly precise reproduction of details.
  2. Reducing the number of errors.
    Laser engraving process is almost completely automated, so manual manipulation is cut to a minimum. Human error rate is very low.
  3. Excellent repeatability.
    Easy completion of repeated orders. Due to the digital system you just download a desired data file, and the complex is ready for engraving. Potential inaccuracy is close to zero, consistency is guaranteed.
  4. Environmentally friendly.

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