Cap feeding and sorting systems technology advances

Cap feeding technology advances. Compact, efficient and more productive.

While conventional waterfall feeders Gravity Sorter (GS) are good for certain applications. More compact solution is very helpful and efficient for other productions needs. Compact design, higher throughput and no need for compressed air. NII Laser Technology has developed new compact feeding unit for 28-38mm caps Gravity Sorter Compact (GS-C)

Fully stainless steel design provides with various advantages including elimination of unwanted static current. Various closure design and dimensions can be handled in the same feeding unit with simple and quick re-setup process with only few parts need to be readjusted to work with closures of different diameter and height. Universal belt does not need any readjustments to run caps of different diameter.

Productivity of the system is going up to 200 000 pcs per hour. Moreover, GS-C system does not need connection of compressed air that may be an advantage to certain production layouts. Its compact design together with speed possibilities create great combination of efficiency and robustness.

Sorting system can be used with various equipment to feed closures and caps to  video inspection, printing machines, laser systems, closure counters and others.

Feeding unit can be optionally equipped with flow splitter or device to divide closures on the belt.

About NII Laser Technology PJSC

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