Formant xxOO – Rotary screens


Formant xx00 laser system is the latest achievement in direct laser engraving on rotary screen cylinders which are widely used for production of textile, wallpaper and labels. The operation principle is based on the laser engraving of a rotary screen cylinder that creates lines and grayscale images. We used the latest achievements in the field of quantum electronics, optics and laser interaction with material.

Laser system is equipped with Ytterbium Fiber Laser, optical system, a high performance acousto-optical modulator, electronic modules for controlling the engraving process of templates and high-precision mechanical components.

Software supports PCX and TIFF data formats. To prepare an image for laser engraving different types of RIP can be used. Data can be saved in PCX and TIFF formats.

The main advantage of this technology is the ability to apply black coating with high absorbing properties on a screen roll. This coating can be removed by means of a focused laser beam of a single-mode fiber laser, forming the printed elements of a screen cylinder. Using a fiber laser, increased radiation stability and the original acousto-optic modulation scheme you can achieve high-resolution image formation on a template. It allows us to obtain high-contrast image and to transfer fine details and thin lines. Quality improvement in screen printing plate manufacturing opens up new opportunities for printing on fabrics, wallpaper, labels, etc.


  •   high speed engraving
  •   economical
  •   reduced chance of error
  •   excellent repeatability
  •   easy to use
  •   simple changeover
  •   environmentally friendly
Laser type Single-mode fiber laser
Focused spot diameter 15-30 µm (may vary according to the selected resolution)
Power output instability within 4 hours of continuous operation < 2%
Line screen max. line screen 60 l/cm (152 lpi)
Smallest screen dot 5% with screen line of 40 l/cm (102 lpi)
Roll width max. 2600mm
Supported data formats 1-bit and 8-bit TIFF, PCX; compatible with the main graphics editors
Repeats 640 mm, 819 mm, 914 mm, 1018 mm, and any other from 200 to 1200 mm
Dimensions: W x H x D in mm 1130 x 1500 x 3500