Selection of a laser marking system for beverage closures, caps and lids.

DLM-BC Pro-D - Closures and caps laser marking on-the-fly

Selection of the right solution is the main key to efficient production.

Laser marking is a great technology that provides with handful tool to satisfy customers’ need for promotion and counterfeit activities. The absence of consumables and ability to mark unique image or text on every piece creates great opportunity for marketing needs. While the advantage of using laser technologies for marking remains clear it is still necessary to make a choice between different laser techniques and options of the equipment available on the market.

YAG-laser technology was the first one applied in the field of beverage industry. However, imperfection of the technology and requirements of frequent maintenance cast a doubt on the laser technology efficiency and convenience of use. As the technology developed some decent alternatives were offered to the market including fiber laser marking and novel additive-free UV laser marking technique offered by NII Laser Technology. With fiber and UV technologies becoming main for the marking application for beverage industry NII Laser Technology developed a range of products to gain maximum from both techniques. Portfolio of systems for beverage industry includes standalone and built-in systems with either or both laser types to offer products for every need. The comparison chart below describes main differences of DLM-BC series of laser marking equipment for beverage closures, caps and lids to help make the right selection for your production needs:

About NII Laser Technology PJSC

NII Laser Technology PJSC is holding leading positions in designing and manufacturing industrial laser systems for different applications. Solutions are offered for beverage, printing, automotive, machinery, cable industries amongst others. Company was founded by researchers working in the field of quantum radiophysics, who researched, developed and designed laser systems. Today NII Laser Technology PJSC group of companies has 140 people of staff.

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