DLM-BC Pro-D CapSketcher™ — Laser marking system for caps and closures


DLM Pro (Dynamic Laser Marker) CapSketcher™ series of laser equipment is designed for the precise laser marking on the inside or outside surface of the beverage closures of all kinds, including plastic closures, metal closures, synthetic wine corks and crowns. DLM-BC Pro-D is designed for the laser marking of plastic beverage closures with the help of two laser sources with different wavelength that are built inside it. The laser marking could be done with the both laser sources simultaneously or with any of the laser sources separately. The use of two laser sources allows get laser marking of two colors on the same closure (dark and light). That could be helpful in terms of protection to increase uniqueness of products. Another advantage of the two-laser modification is that it allows mark the closures of any color disregarding the pigment or additive that is used in the closure material. As a result, it expands the range of closure colors that could be marked without a special laser toner.

  • Beverage closures are transported on the conveyor belt to the marking area where marking process occurs ‘on-the-fly’. Thus dynamic laser marking (DLM) allows reach high throughput with the highest marking quality. A laser beam interaction with the closure material creates the color change and, thus, marking occurs (dark on light material or light on dark material). When a 1,062 μm wavelength laser source is used, the closure material should contain special laser additive that increases laser beam absorption and output capacity. Fully automated feeding and discharging unit Gravity Sorter allow very simple integration of DLM-BC Pro-D into the existing production line.
  • The software controls marking process of closures. Software allows marking logos, text and numbers with randomizing option or numbers increment (decrement) as vector or rasterized graphics. Files should be imported to the laser system software in one of the mainly used formats (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator etc.).
  • There is no more need in time-consuming setup process. If you need a small series of closures to be marked – just change file (graphics) and mark it.
Parameter Value
Beverage closures material Polyethylene, polypropylene
Closures diameter 28 - 38 mm
Marking color Dark, Light
Throughput (10 x 2mm symbols)* up to 90 000 pcs per hour
Power requirements 3 x 380V 50/60 Hz
 Connected load  8 kW
Dimensions, W x H x D, mm  2040 x 1630 x 1700
Approximate weight  750 kg
* Throughput depends on closure color




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